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Most Common and Basic Types of Roofing


Building a house involves many details. There is a lot to consider – the materials, the blueprint, the location, and the budget. Every part must correlate for balance and strength of the structure, or you will spend more money on reconstruction.

The roof is an essential part of the house. Without it, all your interior designs will be put to waste, as it serves as protection to the whole house. And here are the most commonly used type of roofing in home construction and Retrofitting:

  • Gable
    Remember how you draw stick figures of houses? Those drawings of a structure that has two-sloped roofings. Well, this is it. It is the most basic you can get.
  • Hip roof
    This type has four slanted sides. It is an ideal choice for windy areas. And, also in snowy places as it is effortless to remove snow buildup.
  • Flat roof
    This roof seems flat, but it is sloping a little bit. The incline will keep rainwater flowing and running off downwards.
  • Mansard
    You can see this from historical buildings, castles, and mansions. And can also be seen in houses with attics, as it provides more space and makes the attic liveable. Apparent to its fancy appearance, it is the more expensive type.

You should get a Roofing Company in Brockton, Massachusetts, to know which type should be cost-effective and suitable to the location and the weather. And NB Roofing LLC can be your partner in building the home of your dreams.

Not only can we assist in the installation of your roofing, but we can also do maintenance work like gutter repairs and Roof Snow Removal in Massachusetts. Should you need expert assistance with these, call 508-510-2037.

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